Aparition    2008</br>acrylic, powdwered pigment, charcoal, graphite on synskin</br>872 in x 48 in Expulsion 2   2008</br>acrylic, charcoal, adobe, mesh on synskin</br>86 in x 24 in Expulsion 3   2012</br>charcoal, powdered pigment, acrylic, earth, nylon mesh on synskin</br>57 in x 24 in Gallego, 2008</br>Graphite, charcoal, silicone, red clay on synskin.</br>72 in. x 24 in. Hippocamp   2008</br>acrylic, iron glimmer, powdered pigment on synskin</br>70 in x 24 in Headless   2008</br>graphite, acrylic, powdered pigment, iron glimmer, charcoal on synskin</br>72 in x 24 in


Branded into the synskin, the ghostly silhouettes of men, women and children are interwoven with vertical gestures that allude to spinal columns. The modeling of the bodies is the result of gentle applications of powdered pigments, iron glimmer and adobe manipulated by compressed air. In contrast the gestural forms are executed in calligraphic applications of charcoal and acrylic. These subjects are transitioning from the carnal to the spiritual.